Mission and Vision

In the Name + of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.

We understand membership at St. Martin's Evangelical Lutheran Church to be a significant part of the realization of our relationship with God, made possible by the life, death, and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.  God receives us into this relationship through the waters of Holy Baptism.  Realizing our baptismal call from God to live out that relationship responsibly, we commit ourselves in the presence of God and each other . . .

+ to habits of regular and intentional worship +

+ to sharing with each other and the world, through our worship and actions, the Good News of Jesus Christ +

+ to Christ-centered service and stewardship +

+ to maintaining ". . . the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace" (Eph. 4:3), and seeking to bring about Christ's reconciliation whenever that bond is broken, with the goal of restoring us one to another +

+ to Christ-centered growth through Christian education +

In all things we will strive to live faithfully among God's people; to hear His Word and share in His Supper; to proclaim the Good News of God in Christ through word and deed; to serve all people, following the example of our Lord Jesus Christ; and to strive for the ushering in of God's Kingdom in all the earth.

(From "A Covenant of Membership," developed by St. Martin's Mutual Ministry Committee)