Track IV Adult Dicussion Group

Monday Evenings, 7 - 8:30 p.m., Education Wing Kitchenette

We are currently taking a look at the Rev. Doctor Matthew Richard's new book, Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up? (Concordia Publishing House, 2017).  (From the back cover): "In our world, there is no shortage of false christs. Like the Elvises who roam the streets of Vegas, these counterfeit christs look and sound like Jesus, but they couldn't be further from the real deal. Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up? not only reminds us who the real Jesus of the Bible is, but it also reveals to us twelve false christs who are embraced, loved, promoted, and revered---even by well-meaning Christians. So who exactly are these false christs? Do you know them? Do you worship them? You might be surprised at the answers."

The twelve fals christs considered by Pastor Richard include the following:
1. The Mascot;
2. The Option among Many;
3. The Good Teacher;
4. The Therapist;
5. The Giver of Bling;
6. The National Patriot;
7. The Social Justice Warrior;
8. The Moral Example;
9. The New Moses;
10. The Mystical Friend;
11. The Feminized;
12. The Teddy Bear.

  No pre-reading is required, and there is no homework.  Each session is treated individually, so even if you cannot make all the sessions, come for the ones you can.  You won't be disappointed.  Contact Pastor Waite with any questions.




Third Friday of the Month

Euchre Parties Resume in September!


Third Friday of the Month Euchre Parties resume on Friday, September 15.  The schedule for each evening is as follows:  Registration begins at 6:30 p.m. and game playing begins at 7:15 p.m.  The cost for admission is $8 per person and includes eight rounds of cards, food and refreshments, and great fellowship.  Every month is sponsored by a different group, and proceeds usually benefit the work and ministry of that group.  The schedule for 2017/18 is as follows:

September 15: St. Martin's Parish Ed Committee

October 20: St. Martin's Gardening Angels

November 17: (To be determinded)

No Euchre Night in December

January 19: St. Martin's Altar Guild

February 16: St. Martin's Parish Ed Committee

March 16: St. Martin's Pilots (Men's Fellowship)

April 21: St. Martin's Altar Guild

May 20: St. Martin's Gardening Angels

Join us!!!